Wednesday, March 30, 2011


summery of Megacon
Day 1:
i get there early and find the line for preregistered tickets. i then have to sit around until 10:30 when they let everyone in and then 11 when they let people into the dealers room. I'm near the front of both these lines. at 1:30 i head over to the Crime noir panel in room 222A. I will spend a good amount of time in that room over the course of the weekend. I'm one of the people who asked questions and at the end i got 3 signed comics! after that i head back to the dealers room and look around some more. after getting some food i head over to the comic writers on the art of writing for comics panel again in room 222A. where i get my New Frontier dvd signed by Darwin Cooke!!!!!! after that i head over to the Fallout Larp.

End Day one.

Day 2:
i get up early and sneak into room 222a for the Green lantern panel.(room 222a) (outside the line for the dealers room is so huge it's sucking the air out of the hall) the panel is amazing and everyone has a wonderful time. after that i get some food and walk around until the Spotlight on DC panel. ( lots of people will be doing things they can't talk about, but it sounds amazing.) after that i stick around until the Art if the cover (222a) panel which was informitive but not as interesting as the other panels.

end day 2

Day 3:
I get to the con in time for the future of comics and new media panel ( guess which room) which i thought was fascinating. I then hang out in the dealers room and get a few more autographs and some food. around 1:15 a surprise announcement cancels the short film festival (which i wasn't going to go to) and replaces it with a Batman Beyond Live action trailer. i race over there as fast as i can. ( not in room 222a for once)the guy who did the joker was amazing. at 2:50 i could be found once more in room 222a for my last panel of the con the do's and don't of comics.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

final project for the term

Skeets has become a spaceship. Just shows how size can change things. I think I like it as a space ship. Anyway, after making both Skeets and the science building I wanted to put them together for my final and somehow they ended up on Mars. then one dome seemed boring so i added a few more and now i have a base on Mars. I might go back at some point and give the buildings more detailed texture-maps, but for now I like how it came out.

Science Building

my final project for the term started with a building i have dubbed 'the science building'

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Skeets is the little robot sidekick of DC hero Booster Gold. He seems to change forms every other issue, so i decided to design my own version of him.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


my bleachers are coming along nicely

i got board